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It’s been a while since we’ve posted some content and the reason being, that our last update summed things up pretty well.  Recent Fed cuts in 2019 managed to create a zero interest rate scenario once again which opened the spigot for funds flowing into equities…and you saw the returns.  One could argue that strong economic data could be the main impetus for Stock gains, however the more likely factor is the chase for yield by fund managers of all walks as Fixed Income is providing little option to investors to register noteworthy returns.

The only headwinds at this juncture will be earnings reports, as companies will have difficulty outpacing recent earnings gains posted in 2019.  In other words, it’s tough to beat stellar returns time and time again.  The other major head-wind, which the markets just experienced, is that of event analysis, and this scenario is much trickier to manage.

Event analysis refers to adverse occurrences that introduce significant risk into market returns and economic growth, the most recent being the heighted Iran conflict experienced over the past few days.   These occurrences are not only difficult to predict, but even more difficult is to consider what the real loss in value to markets that a particular event introduces and for how long.  That’s when weathered advisors come into play.

Lastly, as we mentioned in our last report….gold would continue to be an attractive asset and gains have followed.  However, the market may have gotten a bit ahead of itself over the past few trading sessions, where some short term volatility may be prevalent.

Happy New Year all


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