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BOOKS:           "Data Mining and Business Intelligence:  A Guide to Productivity."  
with Richard Hoptroff.  Idea Group Publishing.   (February 2001)

ARTICLES    "Treasury Bond Yields and Equities: A non-Linear Relationship"Futures Magazine

                        (November 1999).  An analysis of the cause and effect relationship between US Interest

                        Rates and Equity Indexes through the use of Artificial Intelligence technology.  The

                        non-linear functional form illustrates changes in elasticity between rising Treasury

                        Yields and the level of the NASDAQ and S&P 500 indexes.                          

                        "Are Neural Networks a Better Forecaster?" Futures Magazine (October 1998).  An analysis of modeling techniques comparing neural networks to standard regression in forecasting the demand for electricity.              

                        "Rising Commodities and Higher Inflation?" Futures Magazine (February 1998).  A regression analysis illustrating the weakness in the cause and effect relationship between commodities prices and the CPI index.  It illustrates the importance of Crude Oil prices as a potential cause of inflation.                         


March 2001 participated in the Productivity Symposium at NYU's Center  for Japan-US Business and Economic Studies.  Contributing paper titled "The Impact of Information Technology on US Industry" which analyzed how IT augments productivity for selected industry sectors.

North American Productivity Workshop (Union College, Schenectady, NY: June 2000).

                        “Productivity in US Information Technology. Illustrated the increases in productivity for US fortune 500 firms resulting from investment in various forms of Information Technology. Utilized a combination of traditional economic theory with corresponding hypotheses testing and addressed prevailing business strategy.

Eastern Economic Association (Crystal City Virginia: March 2000). The Information Economy:

                        "Profitability in US Industry: The evolution of the Information Economy".  This work illustrates profitability gains in  US industry as the result of implementation of Information Technology.  The paper also addresses the most recent IT based corporate strategies.

Future South Conference (Orlando Florida: March 1999).

                        Model Building in the Information Age”.  Presentation addressed basic to advanced regression and neural network modeling techniques including  insights on understanding the dynamics of the evolving information economy.  

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