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The Economy of the 1990's and into the new millennium is undergoing a unique transformation, which has been driven by a technological revolution. More specifically, innovations in computer processing, software, telecommunications and the evolution of the Internet have come together to create the information economy. Information technology has augmented communication between companies and their subsidiaries, partners, suppliers, distributors and their ultimate consumers. Many have alluded to the fact that the more seamless flow of information has augmented  corporate productivity, which has increased investment, expansion and demand for productive inputs and has generally altered the state of the "international economy" from that of the 1970's and 1980's.

This transformation has been so drastic that many have compared the impact of Information Technology to such great historical events as the invention of electricity or the introduction of the automobile to the economies of the past.  As a result of this, economists and analysts are often perplexed over accurately predicting the cause and effect nature between variables that underpin the macroeconomy and more specifically, the reaction of investment markets to the "changing state of the Information Economy."

THE MARKET DOCTOR has made the evolution of the Information Economy a passion. He has devoted over three years of his life in a focused environment to study the potential economic ramifications of the constant evolution of the Information Age. He has combined the fruits of this exhaustive process with his over decade long experience in the investment markets to help clarify the often perplexing state of the now 'global economy' and its impact on the world of investments. 

THE MARKET DOCTOR will not only provide a timely pulse of the 'state of the economy' in a business-reader/ friendly manner but will also provide insight as to investment market impact as a result of the constant evolution of the economy with a noiseless, no-nonsense approach. You won't get Chatter with the DOCTOR, just the bottom line of what's happening and where things should go in the future. If you think the analysis is too brief…then go burn your time at another site.

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