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The pulse of the global financial markets continues to be a state of “high volatility” so far in 2014 which intensified last Friday.  Last week’s action largely involved turbulence in emerging markets as currencies in these peripheral areas lost serious ground to the greenback while US equity market jitters were red hot.  Finally, US Treasury yields responded with a sizable drop in yields.  What’s transpiring is just a bout of uncertainty on a number of fronts, which include a new US Fed chair, bumpy demand from China, a high possibility of Fed tapering, and some soft news on the earnings side from some noteworthy US organizations such as IBM.

Simply put, investors of all walks are looking at a year that can involve some factors that could change the game from the consistent “pumping and priming” of equity and higher yielding markets resulting from a zero rate US policy.  Technicals will most likely play a more important role over the medium term as investors seek price guidance in a two-way whippy and choppy market.


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