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As quickly as the forces that relieved pressure on Equities came, so quickly did they become muddled as continued tensions with China mitigated news releases about a 90 day tariff truce and fed officials alluding to more hikes to get to the neutral stage dissipated Fed more dovish comments in their last minutes.   Finally, Friday’s continued strength on the employment front gave the Fed renewed focus on extending hawkish policy.  Add to all this were some jitters on the political front given a reshuffling of Whitehouse staff… We won’t mention the independent council because that seems to be never ending news without much real progress.

The result was a return to highly volatile sessions for the major equity indexes with both techs and the broad market ending the week on their backs.  We’ll emphasize the same factors we left off our last update with…and this involves continued sensitivity to strong economic news that will quickly set the fed back into a hawkish stance along with any tensions with China.  Most recent news on that front was the retention of the Chinese tech giant CFO in Canada.

Remember, there is quite a bit of air in the equity sector and has been for some time.  The question is…when will the air be released and how fast.


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