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Despite a host of negative issues which could be addressed regarding the plight of the economy, the Market Doctor team would like to end 2010 on a positive note and give a “hats off” acknowledgement to an awakened giant…the US voter.

2010 involved a continuation of a host of controversial issues that plagued the economic and political spectrums for the US.  Things such as maintaining zero interest rate policies, QE1, 2 (and potentially more), continued outsourcing of jobs, high unemployment, and simply a lack of appropriate structural reform during the year, managed to keep the US voter awake and diligent.  The result was an anti-incumbent vote in the 2010 elections that significantly changed the balance of power. 

The US voter, who has been plagued by job destruction at home, flat wages, declining real estate values… to mention a few, managed to voice its opinion and flex its muscles in changing the guard in Washington…and the process will not stop there.  The US voter will remain diligent in monitoring the activities of those who represent them in government, where sound policy that addresses the core CAUSES of our current problems will be positively acknowledged while mere jawboning and window dressing will most likely no longer be tolerated and result in change through the power of the vote.

The US continues to be the dominant economy on the globe for a reason.  The reason is a system of checks and balances that seeks to preserve a fair, competitive and market based system.  The system now involves significant disequilibrium but checks and balances and the American spirit hopefully will provide the solution.

Happy New Year to All.


Stephan Kudyba (MBA, PhD)                      THE MARKET DOCTOR


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