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Dec. 14, 2009     Is it just Holiday consumption patterns or is the economy turning?

Dec. 7, 2009       Technicals without support from fundamentals is like playing with matches at a gas pump

Nov. 30, 2009    Taking a look at where we came from on the $ and Gold

Nov. 23, 2009    Will healthcare reform hammer the financial markets?

Nov. 17, 2009    The Story remains the same

Nov. 2, 2009      It's a tale of two economies

Oct. 19, 2009     Same old pathetic story (short term rates near zero)

Oct. 12, 2009     Yet another bubble forming

Oct. 5, 2009       Jobless recovery you say. I say that's no recovery

Sept. 29, 2009    Who the heck knows

Sept. 22, 2009    Uncertainty is rampant

Sept. 14, 2009    Reflation is just plain dangerous

Sept. 9, 2009      Higher Stocks, lower Greenback, higher Gold....something is out of whack.

Aug. 31, 2009     Time for higher volumes and more credible moves.

Aug. 24, 2009     The inflation trade renders stock market direction incredibly risky

Aug. 17, 2009     A fresh dose of reality doesn't support exuberant Stocks

Aug. 10, 2009     It may be time for higher costs for US consumers

Aug. 3, 2009       Is the recession over?

July 28, 2009      Another head fake in Stocks?

July 20, 2009      Summer Markets Squeeze Shorts

July 6, 2009        The economy has bottomed? Stop the madness !!

June 30, 2009     Fed hike...what are you somking?

June 22, 2009     Shipping jobs overseas is simply despicable

June 8, 2009       A reality check on the economy

June 2, 2009       Which market trend doesn't make sense?

May 18, 2009     Why the economy really isn't improving

May 11, 2009     Recent Employment Data is NOT good

May 4, 2009       Will fundamentals rule this week?

April 27, 2009    Technicals without fundamentals are not good

April 13, 2009    Are earnings reports credible?

April 6, 2009      Is the pendulum of power swinging in the other direction?

March 30, 2009  Lets see how important the US economy is to the world

March 24, 2009  Yet another bubble

March 16, 2009  Putting the latest Stock rally in perspective

March 9, 2009    Has the media lost its grip on economic reality?

March 3, 2009    US citizens are losing confidence in the system

Feb. 23, 2009     Has Nationalization of banking already begun?

Feb. 17, 2009     The Japanese economy...pathetic


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