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Dec. 30, 2010     The American Spirit

Dec. 13, 2010     Yet another Band Aid for the economic laceration

Nov. 29, 2010    2011 looks like more crap on the economic front

Nov. 15, 2010    More positives of Globalization...NOT

Nov. 8, 2010      Pump and Dump is not the answer

Nov. 1, 2010      A Republican win or just an angry vote for change?

Oct. 25, 2010     Can US monetary authorities learn something from the Chinese?

Sept. 27, 2010    Its an elitist stimulus policy

Sept. 21, 2010    Prices are bubbling up

Sept. 13, 2010    Want a stimulus that works? Provide incentives to end OUTSOURCING

Sept. 8, 2010      Globalization Sucks

Aug. 30, 2010     Yet even more bubbles

Aug. 10, 2010     The answer to avoidng a double dip is not by creating a bubble in Bonds

July 27, 2010      Yet another bubble brewing

July 19, 2010      More pathetic artificial pressure on Gold

July 7, 2010        Can a stronger EURO buoy US Stocks?

June 30, 2010     No surprise...stocks are getting hammered.

June 21, 2010     Shouldn't the price of silver be as shiny as gold?

June 14, 2010     The World Cup and US Stocks

June 1, 2010       Las Vegas Gambling in Stocks again?

May 25, 2010     Why is the EURO Zone dragging down the US?

May 20, 2010     Poor decision making in the EUROZone is not good for anybody

May 10, 2010     How much money should you allocate to Stocks now ?

May 3, 2010       Will a massive Oil Spill take its Toll on Wall Street

April 26, 2010     Another attempt at the mid-1990s bubble

April 19, 2010     Should Goldman News Rock the entire Equity Market?

April 12, 2010     If everything is so great...why is Gold at near historic levels again?

April 5, 2010       True Economic Rebound or Just hype

March 30, 2010   Is the hype on the jobs report overdone?

March 24, 2010   Technicals rule again

March 15, 2010   So Far 2010 is a Yawner

March 8, 2010     Stocks are up and so are Bank failures...what the hell?

March 1, 2010    Consider the EURO on a Relative basis...and we're not talking family

Feb. 22, 2010     Can Stocks Withstand Higher Rates?

Feb. 16, 2010     Will markets keep trading with high correlations?

Feb. 1, 2010       The Bubblicious Tech Sector

Jan. 25, 2010      Yet another bubble loosing air

Jan. 19, 2010      When will the subsidizing of US Stocks end?

Jan. 11, 2010      What's really driving Bond rates higher?

Jan. 4, 2010        Looks like 2010 will be a volatile mess


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