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Dec. 5, 2011     A healthy Stock rally or a reaction to a short term remedy to a near global breakdown

Nov. 21 , 2011  Is it all really just the EUROZONE?

Nov. 8 , 2011    Not enough write-ups you say???

Oct. 25, 2011    Kicking the can by private consumers?? Can it Be??

Sep. 27, 2011    Chinese protectionism or smart business for themselves

Sep. 12, 2011    Time is up

Aug. 31, 2011    Gotta buy stocks

Aug. 22, 2011    It looks like the "can" has turned into a 100 gallon cement filled drum

Aug. 9, 2011      Let's hear it for S&P

Aug. 1, 2011      A Deal !!'ve got to be kidding me

July 18, 2011      QE Stimulus...pathetic

July 12, 2011      An odd state of affairs in Stocks

July 6, 2011        The last Great Bubble?

June 21, 2011     A tale of two negatives

June 13, 2011     Does QE make any sense?

June 6, 2011       Financial Hocus Pocus

May 9, 2011       Those damn margin requirements

May 2, 2011       The mess is spinning out of control

March 28, 2011  Can US Stock Bubble policy overtake a host of global events?

March 14, 2011  A tragedy abroad

March 7, 2011    We're not perpetual economic pessimists but poor policy initiatives cause us to be

Feb. 23, 2011     Now this is Risk

Feb. 14, 2011     US Skilled labor remains robust

Feb. 7, 2011       Just stop the ridiculous spin

Jan. 31, 2011      I got your risk right here...

Jan. 24, 2011      Destructive Productivity

Jan. 18, 2011      Are US Stocks a Riskless Buy??

Jan. 10, 2011      The word of 2011 is RISK


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